Quick Peeks
Meet the Band
Hi, We are Sarah Dunn and Sundown. Sarah
Dunn is our lead vocalist who plays fiddle and
guitar, Joe "Willie" Davis is our lead guitar,
Lynn Seaton is our drummer, Steve Rose is on
bass guitar and Deborah Dunn on keys.   We
are a diversified group, a high energy
experience that works well together.  Most of
all, we have fun. With three writers in the group
we always have some interesting new
materials. In general we are an extended family
that plays music together.
We will do our best to keep things current,
not our strong suit (oops!)  We have been
working for a couple of years on compiling
enough quality, original material for a new
album.  Our goal is nearly complete and we
hope to be in the studio soon.  Check in with
Sarah at Facebook too!
As you go through our site,  we will introduce
ourselves individually, and give you
biographical info for those interested.  We'll
try to keep the photo album updated, and
hopefully we will have a full schedule ready
soon for those who would like to follow the
performance schedule and come out to see
Sarah Dunn and Sundown
...it's all about the music